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Argo Biopharma closed series A+ financing of over 40 milion US dollars led by CS Capital.

Nov. 01, 2023

Argo Biopharma announced today that it has successfully closed series A+ financing totally over 40 million US dollars. This series of financing was led by CS Capital, co-invested by HUAGAI Capital, ONEHEALTH HAIHE Capital, and the old shareholder TRINITY INNOVATION Fund. This series of financing will be used to further promote the global development of four clinical pipelines, discover multiple preclinical candidate drug molecules (PCCs), upgrade the modification technology platform and extrahepatic delivery technology platform, and improve the company's professional team building.

Founded by seasoned scientists with experience in the development of siRNA therapeutics, Argo Biopharma was established in 2021 with a primary focus on this area. The firm is dedicated to creating a new generation of siRNA drugs that address a broad range of indications and will give patients across the world better, more effective therapeutic options. The Argo Biopharma team has several years of professional knowledge in every step of the RNAi drug development process. At Argo Biopharma, they have set up a comprehensive platform for RNAi drug development. Prior to this, Argo Biopharma had completed an angel round financing of nearly 5 million US dollars exclusively invested by APRICOT Capital, as well as series A financing of 63 million US dollars by several renowned financial institutions, including Loyal Valley Capital, CPE Fund, TAO Capital, TRINITY INNOVATION Fund, GSR United Capital.

Four pipelines are now in the clinical stage, one is set to enter the clinical stage, and multiple pipelines have determined PCC since Argo Biopharma's founding. The indications of Argo Biopharma cover cardiovascular diseases, rare diseases, hepatitis B, autoimmune diseases, nervous system diseases, etc. It has obtained approval for clinical study in China, the United States, Australia, and other countries and regions.

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